Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Streamline Your Electrical Safety with UC Electrical’s Expert PAT Services in Derby

At UC Electrical, our certified local electricians in Derby are dedicated to ensuring the electrical safety of appliances in your workplace, safeguarding not only health and safety but also compliance with insurance requirements. We understand the importance of electrical safety in the business environment, and we’re here to simplify this aspect of your operations, allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Made Easy
Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT, is an essential procedure for maintaining electrical safety in the workplace. It applies to any workplace equipment with a plug, including everyday items such as toasters, kettles, and computers. Adhering to current health and safety guidelines, UC Electrical provides thorough visual inspections, practical testing, and detailed recording of your electrical appliances to ensure they meet all safety standards.

Comprehensive PAT Process

Our PAT process is meticulously designed to assess the safety of your electrical appliances efficiently:

  • Visual Inspection: Each item undergoes a detailed visual check for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Practical Tests: Following the visual inspection, practical tests are conducted to evaluate the appliance’s operational safety.
  • Certification of Safety: Appliances that pass both the visual and practical tests are deemed safe for use. They are then clearly labelled, and you are provided with a comprehensive printed report. This report includes a list of all tested appliances, their test outcomes, and the corresponding certification, ensuring you have a complete record for health and safety audits and insurance purposes.

Why Choose UC Electrical?

  • Minimal Disruption: We conduct all tests with the least possible interruption to your daily business activities.
  • Complimentary Minor Repairs: Should any small repairs be needed, UC Electrical offers these at no extra cost, further streamlining the process for you.
  • Clear Documentation: You receive detailed documentation of all tested items, offering you peace of mind and a clear overview of your compliance status.

Let UC Electrical manage your electrical safety responsibilities with our expert PAT services. Our team ensures that your business in Derby not only meets but exceeds health and safety standards, providing a safer workplace for everyone involved.

Contact UC Electrical today to schedule your PAT and enjoy the confidence of complete electrical safety in your workplace.

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